Welcome to my end-of-life care and support network.

I am glad you’re here and that you are choosing to explore exceptional end-of-life care. Whether you or a loved one is facing death or making decisions now for a time when you are, I am here for you every step of the way with informational resources and a wide variety of caregiving services listed below that we can custom tailor together to suit your evolving needs.


Our first in-person meeting is always free of charge and obligation. I will conduct a short interview where the client resides to learn about your needs and desires, to tell you about my services and to answer any questions you have. This is intimate work by its nature. I am committed to my client’s dignity, ensuring they are as empowered as possible in making decisions concerning their care and that their wishes are upheld. I cultivate open communication, ease and grace with clients, their loved ones and caregivers. I endeavor to make sure everyone feels good, informed and empowered about care arrangements and that we agree on terms, hours and beginning strategies.

My Rates

I provide a sliding scale in a concerted effort to be as financially accessible as possible. You decide where you slide. Any money you pay above the bottom end of the sliding scale goes into a scholarship fund for those who require financial assistance. I also accept some barter options. If you’d like more information, please contact me.

Hourly rate: $20-$25/hour, sliding scale

Weekly rate – 25 hours plus up to 3 hours of on-call services: $600-$750, sliding scale

My Services

Care coordination and advocacy

Vigil sitting and planning

Legacy projects

Grief, fear and terminal agitation support

Guided imagery, meditation and visualization – custom tailored for clients and their loved ones

Sacred space


Relaxation techniques and non-medical comfort care

Healing touch, aromatherapy and other appropriate complimentary care

Officiant and planning assistance for meaningful memorials, celebrations, funerals and burials

Home funeral and green burial guidelines and information

Mediation and conversation facilitation

See my Resources page for Complementary Care Practitioners along with an extensive list of links forĀ useful information and services.

My Intention

My intention is to serve people nearing their end-of-life as well as their circles of support, to help you fully live until you die and that when you die, you do so peacefully and painlessly.

In service to you and your loved ones as we work together to bring the magic of love to life and death,

Willow Kelly, Professional End-of-Life Doula, Death Midwife & Caregiver

Love – Empower – Heal – Create – Transform


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